Thermal Insulation Products for Home Improvement Projects

There are two distinct groups of thermal insulation products you can buy at Cover Your Wall; these different products suit various requirements and budgets as well as providing different levels of thermal insulation.

These products are ideal for home improvement projects whether you are undertaking them yourself or have employed a professional builder.

Polystyrene Insulation Products

Red Label Insulating Lining Paper is 4 mm thick polystyrene on a roll. Unlike some other products on the market, it’s laminated with a liner on one side already, which means you can paint it. It’s quite easy to apply and you can wallpaper over it using paste-the-wall wallpapers. It’s best used for low to medium thermal insulation requirements.

Graphite Insulating Lining Paper is 4 mm thick polystyrene on a roll and is laminated on one side as well allowing it to be painted or wallpapered over. The main difference and its advantage over the standard Insulating Lining Paper come from the fact that the polystyrene has been impregnated with graphite. Graphite makes it more difficult for the heat to pass through the polystyrene, which means that you save even more energy and make your room warmer whilst using less energy. Use it for medium thermal insulation requirements.

Professional Insulation Panels (7 mm thick) are made from extruded polystyrene which makes the polystyrene structure much denser and thus more resistant to heat leakage. Extruded polystyrene is much more resistant to mechanical damage as well. Because of these physical properties, it can be used in bathrooms and tiled over. Wallpapers and lining papers can be used over the panels. It can be plastered to get a perfectly smooth finish; however, a similar effect can be achieved by using Wallrock Premium with less effort. This is a true all-rounder when it comes to finishes that can be applied, and environments where the insulation panels can be installed. These Professional Insulation Panels offer a relatively high level of thermal insulation.

Wallrock Thermal Liners

Wallrock Thermal liners are made by using thermal materials (the base material is similar to that used in the aviation industry for insulation purposes) on one side and Wallrock liner on the other. This combination produces a thermal liner, which has very high thermal insulation properties. It can be applied like normal wallpaper (although you paste the wall not the liner in this case) and can be painted or wallpapered over using paste-the-wall types of wallpapers.

Currently, there are 4 products available:

Wallrock Thermal Liner, which is 3.2 mm thick and comes as a 10 m roll (75 cm wide) - covers 7.5 m²

Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner, which is 4 mm thick and comes as a 15 m long roll (1 m wide) - covers 15 m²

Cosy Liner KV300, which is 1 mm thick and comes as a 10 m roll (75 cm wide) -covers 7.5 m². Cosy Liner offers modest thermal insulation boost but helps with condensation (as other products do as well)

Wallrock R300, which is the exact same product as Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300, but it comes as a 25 m long roll and 1 m wide, offering 25 m² coverage.

Over the last few years, these products have become very popular with customers who have been coming back each year as they move through the house insulating more rooms. We hear "I’ll test it in one room and see if it works for me" very often. Clearly it must be working well.

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