Create the perfect childhood bedroom with beautiful children’s wall murals

Let your children explore their interests by surrounding them with images of the things they love. Whether they’re into art, nature, space, dinosaurs or even unicorns, we’ve got the perfect children’s wall murals to help them explore their passion, whatever their age.

Why not transport them to Africa with stunning vistas of the savannah and its wildlife? Or take them into the depths of outer space with images of the cosmos? All our landscape murals are available in 4 or 8 panels, meaning they can be as big as your child’s imagination. Or how about a cute, circular unicorn mural over their bed to inspire their dreams?

When you’ve got children, time is at a premium, so any decorating needs to be quick and easy. All our children’s wall murals feature paste-the-wall application, so they can be applied directly to the wall, eliminating the hassle of soaking the wallpaper. The premium quality paper covers imperfections on your walls with ease, whilst the butt-join panels ensure a smooth, seamless finish.

We would recommend using Anaglypta ReadyMix wallpaper adhesive for applying our murals.

  • Fun, inspiring children’s wall murals
  • Wide range of subjects and styles, including ocean life, African animals, and scenes of the cosmos
  • Beautiful, gender-neutral wall murals to stimulate and inspire young minds
  • Available in 4 or 8 panels for landscape murals
  • Circular panels for a feature wall
  • Seamless butt-join panels
  • Direct and mess-free paste-the-wall application
  • Next-day delivery as standard for orders received by 2:30 pm
  • 30-day returns with friendly customer service

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