Toupret Fibacryl 330ml cartridgeToupret Fibacryl 1 kg
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Toupret Fibacryl

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ProDec Heavy Duty 4" Wall Scraper
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Cover Your Wall


Wall Scraper Blades - 4" / 10cm
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Sandpaper - Assorted PK25
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Cover Your Wall

Sandpaper - Assorted PK25


Preparation products for painting and wallpaper

Wall preparation treatments eliminate holes, cracks and unsightly imperfections that leave your surfaces looking tired and worn-out. Thanks to their innovative mixtures, walls look brand-new once applied and are perfectly primed for painting, wallpapering or decorating.

There's a range of tools to make tasks easier than ever, even for beginner DIYers. The professional heavy-duty scrapers feature replaceable blades and comfort grip handles for easy manoeuvring, while the sandpaper comes in a variety of coarseness to suit all requirements.

When tackling bumpy surfaces, the Wallrock Multipurpose PVA sealer & Primer is a fantastic choice. It's incredibly useful for interior use and dry surface conditions, promoting the adhesion of wallcoverings and emulsion paints. What's more, it reduces seam splits, raised edges and bubbling. Alternatively, the Caulk King Premium Filler And Sealant is ideal for window frames, architraves and cornices.

More specialised jobs benefit from Toupret TX110 Expert Rapid Drying Interior Filler or Toupret Fibacryl, which is the perfect filler to use with the Wallrock Thermal Liner or KV600.

  • Specialised mixtures that promote adhesion
  • Long-lasting formulas – some weather resistant
  • Easy to apply for all experience levels
  • Eliminates cracks, bumps and bubbling
  • Specialised fibacryl for moving substrates
  • High-quality tools with removable blades
  • Fine, medium and coarse sandpaper
  • Prepare walls for painting or wallpaper

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