Pre-painted Anaglypta Piccolo and Storm

Pre-painted Anaglypta

If we had a penny for every time we’ve been asked about pre-painted Anaglypta wallpapers… well, we have a couple here. They are called Anaglypta Piccolo 2 RD7170 (light cream) and Anaglypta Storm 2 RD7171 (light grey). You can hang these wallpapers and don’t need to paint them if the colours work for you. In the future, when you want to change the colour scheme of your room you can simply use emulsion paint to paint over.

Anaglypta Piccolo and Anaglypta Storm will save you money and time because these wallpapers have been pre-coloured already so you can decorate your room much quicker. The textured pattern will hide small imperfections too, so you will not have to worry if your walls are not in perfect condition.

We always recommend to request a sample, so you can have a look at them and decide which one you prefer - just go to the product page and click on "free sample".

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