Anaglypta Pro Chestnut - RD84578Anaglypta Pro Chestnut - RD84578


Chestnut - RD84578

Anaglypta Pro Stone - RD80097Anaglypta Pro Stone - RD80097


Stone - RD80097

Anaglypta Pro Weave - RD80098Anaglypta Pro Weave - RD80098
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Weave - RD80098


Advanced triple-layer paper technology

The Anaglypta Pro range builds strength and durability through the use of three individual layers. The upper two layers form the high-definition design and ensure the embossed design maintains its depth and texture. The third layer is made from premium quality flat backed paper, making the wallpaper easy to paste and hang. It’s this advanced triple-layer paper technology that makes the Anaglypta Pro collection incredibly strong without the need for PVC.

As a pure paper product, the Anaglypta Pro range is completely free from PVC and other plastics. All paper is sustainably sourced from approved suppliers. This makes it a fantastic choice for environmentally conscious decorators looking for organic finishes.

If you’re looking for a professional finish without the headache, the Anaglypta Pro range delivers. The clever ‘free match’ design means you won’t have to spend hours lining up your panels and creating a flawless finish. Instead, simply unfurl, paste and hang.

  • Advanced triple-layer paper technology
  • Tough and durable
  • Free from PVC
  • Manufactured using sustainably sourced materials
  • Suitable for use on walls and ceilings
  • Easy paste-the-paper application

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