Long-lasting and easy-to-roll wallpaper pastes and adhesives

The most important part of hanging wallpaper is finding an ultra-durable and easy-to-apply adhesive that combats lumps, bumps and accidental tears. To make your life easier, we offer a range of expert pastes suitable for traditional wallpapers, professional insulation panels, Wallrock Thermal Liners and more.

There's a smooth paste to suit every kind of job. Standard all-purpose adhesive, which includes the Anaglypta Readymix Wallpaper Adhesive, is ideal for all types of lining and wallpapers, allowing you to roll directly from the tub without mixing or diluting. Thanks to its trouble-free spreading, this ready-made wallpaper paste is an excellent choice for novice decorators looking to spruce-up tired and dated walls.

For trickier jobs, opt for something more substantial. The Wallrock Power Adhesive lets you hang heavyweight luxury wallcoverings in areas prone to higher than average temperature and humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms and chimney breasts. Then, the specialist Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive specifically works with Wallrock Thermal Liners, Wallrock R300, Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liners and Insulating Lining Papers.

  • Options to suit all jobs and experience levels
  • Easy to roll with convenience in mind
  • Long-lasting in high-temperature areas
  • High polymer count for increased strength
  • Ready-mixed wallpaper pastes available
  • Ecologically friendly mixtures
  • Paste for Wallrock Thermal Liners