Add the majesty of blue to any room

Whether it’s a beautiful landscape or quirky modern art you’re looking for, blue wall murals are the perfect complement to any room. Our extensive collection of blue wall murals ranges from stunning wildlife photography to the awe-inspiring vistas of outer space.

Add a touch of the Caribbean to your bathroom, the beauty of blue skies to your lounge or kitchen, or bright toucan birds to your child’s bedroom. Dive to the depths of the ocean with majestic whales, or admire the brilliance of New York at night, all with a touch of blue.

Want to turn a wall into a feature? Our landscape-style murals come in either 4 or 8 panels, making them perfect for every wall size. Or if you’re looking for subtlety, why not try a circular wall mural for a beautiful focal point.

Quick and easy to apply, all our murals feature paste-the-wall application, so they can be applied directly to the wall, with no need to soak the wallpaper. There’s no need for time-consuming, messy preparations either. The premium quality paper covers cracks and imperfections on your walls with ease, whilst the butt-join panels ensure a smooth, seamless finish.

We recommend using Anaglypta ReadyMix wallpaper adhesive to apply our murals. 

  • Wide range of circular and landscape-style blue wall murals
  • Imaginative and stylish designs, featuring classic and contemporary art, landscapes and stunning photography
  • 4 panel, 8 panel, and circular murals
  • Paste-the-wall application cuts down time and hassle
  • Premium quality paper with butt-join panels
  • Free delivery on orders over £100
  • Quick and easy returns with helpful customer support

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