Wallrock Fibreliner OriginalWallrock Fibreliner Original


Wallrock Fibreliner Original

From £7.98
Wallrock Fibreliner SmoothWallrock Fibreliner Smooth


Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth

From £7.98
Wallrock Fibreliner Ultra 210Wallrock Fibreliner Ultra 210


Wallrock Fibreliner Ultra 210

From £11.49

Smooth lining paper from Wallrock

Wallrock Fibreliners are a quick and easy way to improve the texture of rough walls and disguise imperfections. This tough wall covering can also be used to strengthen cracks in plasterboard and wood panelling – and can even bolster crumbling plaster.  

Better yet, the smooth finish that Fibreliners provide makes decorating your walls easier, leaves a clean finish and lowers paint consumption, helping to keep costs down.

Our quality Fibreliners are made from non-woven materials and reinforced with textiles fibres. They are durable, long-lasting and don’t shrink or expand in heat, so can be used even in high-humidity rooms.

We stock four different lining papers in this range to suit your needs. The Original Wallrock Fibreliner has a natural uncoated finish and is ideal for covering damaged walls quickly, whilst the Premium version is best for reinforcing cracks.

If you can’t decide between the two, Wallrock Fibreliner Plus offers a combination of benefits and a finish somewhere between the more fibrous Original Fibreliner and the smooth, plaster-like finish of Fibreliner Premium.

For those using it with another Wallrock product such as Thermal lining paper, the thinner Fibreliner Smooth will give you a perfect base for your paint without unnecessary bulk. For best results, always use with Wallrock Power Adhesive.

  • Smooths out imperfections and reinforces cracks
  • Strong, durable and knock-resistant
  • Quick and easy to hang with paste-the-wall options
  • Won’t shrink or expand and can withstand high humidity
  • 3 different widths for your space
  • Heavier grades available for added durability