Insulate your walls with ease

Thermal insulation wall liners add an extra insulative layer to your wall which makes it harder for heat to escape. That makes your living space more comfortable, but can also reduce the amount of energy you use. As well as cutting your carbon footprint, our thermal insulation liners can save you money and effectively pay for themselves over time. Perfect for any form of decorating, our liners can be covered with paint, wallpaper or even tiles after being applied to your wall.

  • Thermal insulation liners are a cost-effective solution to heating that can help you warm up rooms faster and retain heat for longer
  • Helps with problems like excessive condensation, damp and black mould by keeping walls warm and dry
  • Choose from liners, insulating wallpapers or panels to create a warm and welcoming environment
  • Save when you buy in bulk with our multi-pack offers
  • Our products are ideal for creating smooth surfaces for painting, tiling or applying wallpaper over
  • Fast, free delivery on orders over £100