Magnetwall - Wallrock Magnetic Wallpaper


Wallrock Magnetwall Wallpaper contains fully enclosed ferrous particles that allow magnets to be attracted to the wall surface. Walls are quickly transformed into a versatile magnetic canvas for creative or practical uses in the home, office or school.

Standard magnets are attracted to the surface, whilst we recommend ‘high strength’ neodymium magnets to hold multiple sheets of paper securely. These magnets are available from us at very reasonable cost.

Each roll is 10 metres long by 0.62 metres wide - much wider than standard wallpaper and therefore offering more coverage.

We recommend using Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive - 2 to 2.5 kg per roll.

The surface can be left as it is, painted (a primer coat is recommended) or wallpapered to give the finish you want.

Please note that detailed instructions are included with every roll.

Do not attempt to apply in extreme cold or hot conditions - ideally the room should be between five and twenty-five centigrade. 

1. It is easier to handle if a strip of Magnet Wallpaper is pre-cut, slightly longer than required.

2. You will need a pencil guideline to work to on the wall. Use a Plumbline , Spirit Level to make sure the guideline is accurate.

3. Use a roller or brush to put a thin layer of glue to the wall surface and to the back of the Magnetwall Wallpaper. Once the adhesive has been applied to both surfaces it is then advised to wait for fifteen to twenty minutes before applying the Magnetwall Wallpaper to the wall. Tip; the paste is a creamy colour and becomes less opaque at the optimum time for application.

4. Using the guide line to help hang the first strip and flatten out gently with a smoothing tool working from the centreline outwards. Note; Excessive force or the wrong tools may damage the surface and detract from its appearance.,

5. Mark a line on the Magnetwall Wallpaper where it needs to to be trimmed to size using a sharp knife or decorating scissors. 
Remove any surplus glue from the product surface with warm water adding a little detergent if necessary.

6. When applying further strips be careful not to overlap the product at the seams but do not leave gaps.
Allow at least one full day for drying – longer may be necessary.

7. The surface can be left ‘as is’ painted or overhung with wallpaper
If painting the surface it may be necessary to prime the surface first. We recommend a durable water based paint that can be cleaned more effectively. There are a number of durable emulsion paints on the market that meet this requirement.
Alternatively the surface can be lined over to produce an improved finish using a dimensionally stable lining such as Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth.

8. Job done. Enjoy being creative with your wall!

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