Why Use Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner and Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner are two of our most popular products and are always in demand among both DIYers and professional decorators.

Using Wallrock thermal liner in a room is ideal for:

Homeowners who are undertaking a renovation project or redecorating a room - Take the opportunity to use a product that will provide energy-saving benefits, cover damaged walls and strengthen the surface structure of the walls

Landlords who want to create more comfortable environments within the homes and flats that they let. It makes the accommodation cheaper to run, in respect of the energy bills.

Some of the most common problems we hear from customers are listed below; Wallrock Thermal liners can be a great solution to these issues.

Cold Rooms & Houses
Homes that have solid walls or no cavity walls are restricted in their use of cavity wall insulation technologies that are backed and subsidised by various government organisations and trusts. These problems stem from the old ways of building houses when not much attention was given to insulation. Wallrock thermal liners can provide a solution to create the thermal insulation between the cold solid wall and the room.

Condensation & Mould Growth on Walls
These two issues work hand in hand as the condensation on walls leads to mould growth. The condensation is caused by the warm air in the room coming into contact with the cold wall (see the point above) – simple physics – the same as the misty windows in the car. The application of Wallrock thermal liner to the cold walls can provide a barrier and reduce the problem of condensation and therefore restrict mould growth.

Reduction in Energy Bills
The thermal insulation liners on the walls allow you to heat your room quicker as you are not wasting energy heating up the cold walls. The thermal liner also helps a room retain the heat. With less seepage of the heat and the ability to heat the room more efficiently, you can save money and reduce your energy bills.

Environmental Impact
More efficient heating uses less energy and less heat is wasted; the impact is that less CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

Last, but certainly not least, the use of thermal insulation products can help improve the comfort of your home by maintaining warmer rooms during the cold evenings and mornings.

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