Bring personality to your workspace with office wall murals

Personalise your workspace with our stunning collection of office wall murals. Whether it’s for your personal study, home office, home-based business, or even a corporate workplace, we have something for everyone.

From lush forests to inviting tropical beaches, nature is the perfect companion to your working day. Liven up those Zoom calls with majestic elephants, colourful peacocks or stunning cityscapes. Plus, you can complement your office colour scheme with white, black, blue, green and grey office wall murals.

When you have a busy work life, you need your decorating to be quick and easy. All our office wall murals feature paste-the-wall application, so they can be applied directly to the wall, without soaking the wallpaper. Plus, there’s no need to waste time on preparations. The premium-quality paper covers imperfections on your walls with ease, whilst the butt-join panels ensure a smooth, seamless finish.

We would recommend using Anaglypta ReadyMix wallpaper adhesive for applying our murals.

  • Beautiful, inspiring office wall murals
  • Stunning landscapes, cityscapes, and awe-inspiring images of the natural world
  • Wide range of modern and traditional artwork
  • Available in 4 or 8 panels for landscape murals
  • Circular panels for a feature wall
  • Seamless butt-join panels
  • Direct and mess-free paste-the-wall application
  • Next-day delivery as standard for orders received by 2:30 pm
  • 30-day returns with friendly customer service

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