Stay warm for less with Wallrock thermal liners

If you want to make your room cosy without turning up the heating, Wallrock thermal liners are the perfect solution. They add an insulative layer to interior walls, meaning you can maintain a comfortable temperature with ease. Add paint or wallpaper after using Wallrock thermal liners to customise your style while still benefitting from superior heat retention. Over time, you’ll use less energy and save on your bills, which could even see your thermal liners paying for themselves.

  • Can be used to cover imperfections and create a smooth surface under wallpaper
  • Ideal for painting over
  • One roll of Wallrock Thermal Liner covers 7.5m2
  • Our Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner features the same advanced technology as the standard Thermal Liner but is 25% heavier and one 100 cm x 15cm roll covers 15m2
  • Don’t need as much heat? Choose our Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300 which is 1mm thick and covers 7.5m2 from one 75 cm x 10 m roll.
  • Need to cover a larger space? The Wallrock R300 covers 25m2
  • Fast, free delivery on orders over £100

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