Lining paper for every requirement

Lining paper is a great way to achieve a smooth, even surface when painting and wallpapering. Designed to hide blemishes, hairline cracks and wall imperfections, as well as smoothing the overall appearance of walls, it’s a wonderful tool that even a beginner decorator can quickly get the hang of.

Our range of lining paper products is available in a selection of grades, relating to each product’s thickness and suitability for different wall conditions. For walls that just need a bit of touching up, our lighter lining paper grades will do the trick. However, for more damaged, older walls, we offer a collection of thick lining paper, in grades up to 2000.

Whether you’re wallpapering or painting on top of your lining paper, you’ll get a smooth, plaster-like finish that provides the perfect base. That’s paired with the assurance you get from industry leading brands like Wallrock and Erfurt MAV. Buying tried-and-tested products from dedicated suppliers, you can expect your lining paper to be durable and long-lasting.

  • Minimal fuss or effort when decorating
  • Wide range of products and lining paper grades
  • Perfect base for emulsion paint or decorative wallpaper
  • Covers unsightly marks, blemishes and cracks
  • Suitable for practically any wall size
  • Great prices without compromising quality
  • Fast delivery for all orders
  • Personalised service

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