Can I use Wallrock Thermal Liner in a bathroom?

Will Wallrock Thermal Liners stop condensation in my bathroom?


The amount of steam that is generated in the bathroom or especially in the shower, over a period of short time, is the main point for concern here. The steam goes up against the ceiling and sets on the walls very quickly. Because there’s so much moisture condensed in the air there’s very little you can do to extract it on the spot unless you install a 6ft extractor fan (might look good, but would be a bit blowy). However, active and efficient ventilation is absolutely key here as overtime moisture will create further issues such as mould.

Can Wallrock Thermal Liner help? It certainly can as far as separation of the warm air from the cold walls goes, but the moisture is most likely going to set on it if you don’t have proper ventilation working at the time.

Temperature difference

Perhaps this is going to state the obvious, but condensation is caused by lack of sufficient ventilation and / or differences in temperatures between the warm air in the room and cold surface it comes into contact with. Obviously, this is exacerbated in a bathroom or especially shower. Wallrock Thermal Liner will work very well in this case by providing a barrier between the cold walls/ceiling and the warm air, but it won’t stop the excessive moisture being present in the air. So, if the moisture isn’t removed by a means of ventilation the issue may not be fully resolved. However, you’ll most likely create a much warmer bathroom.

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