Vynaglypta Compact Vinyl – a heavyweight durable surface produced in solid compacted vinyl laminated to high quality paper

  • High-Quality backing paper laminated to compact embossed vinyl
  • Contemporary Design
  • Seven fashionable colour palette including 3 metallic options
  • Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful surface homogenous wall.
  • Compacted finish produces a durable finish for high traffic areas
  • Heavyweight paper needs a heavyweight glue.

Vynaglypta Compact Vinyl – where traditional Anaglypta quality meets contemporary design and colour in a hardwearing finish. 

Anaglypta® Vynaglypta – available in a range of colours to suit all tastes

1 Vynaglypta is the most recent form of Anaglypta, fusing modern materials, solid compact vinyl, beautifully embossed and laminated to our own high-quality sustainable base paper.

2 Vynaglypta has a beautiful contemporary style but with traditional hard-wearing Anaglypta characteristics.

3 But Vynaglypta has the added twist to differentiate it from other Anaglypta products as it is supplied pre-coloured. Seven contemporary colour choices are on offer including 3 metallics and also a white option for the true Anaglypta purist. The Colour palette consists of Cornish White, Honey Beige, Dove Grey, Sable, Silver Shadow, Black shadow and soon to be launched ‘Copper Shimmer’.

4 Vynaglypta has a heavy embossed vinyl coating to emphasise the beautiful relief and colour. The heavy compact vinyl coating gives it the added bonus of disguising defects in walls such as light cracks and small depressions in the wall surface.

5 Vynaglypta Compacted Vinyl is one of the most hardwearing finishes available on any wall paper so durability is built-in. The colour is resistant to fade and wear so a long service life is guaranteed even in demanding high traffic areas. As with any wallcovering, even the most durable types – damage can result over time at the surface so we have ensured the surface is paintable just like any other Anaglypta product ensuring its service life can be extended

6 Anaglypta is a heavyweight wallcovering so it needs applying with a good quality ready mixed adhesive such as Wallrock Power Adhesive or Erfurt MAV Easy Paste, or for that matter, most other good quality ready mixed will do. We do not recommend most flake adhesives as their bond strength is inferior.

Anaglypta® Vynaglypta – available in a range of colours to suit all tastes

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