Wallrock Caulk King – THE Premium filler and sealant!

  • High Flexibility +/- 12.5%
  • Apply once – saves time
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Paintable
  • Large and full 380ml tube

Wallrock Caulk King –  THE Premium filler and sealant!

Not all Caulks are equal and Wallrock Caulk King is what it says on the tube, ‘the King of Caulks’.

Wallrock Caulk King - has very high flexibility

Wallrock Caulk King is water-based and solvent-free but has a very high polymer content developed to higher specification, unlike cheap caulks. This gives it excellent viscosity to facilitate easy application but also amazing flexibility giving it much-improved resistance to cracking and splitting over time.

Wallrock Caulk King - apply once, save time and money!

Even if you do manage to bridge gaps of up to 6mm with a cheap caulk you may well have to go back the next day because the caulk has already cracked and split. Not so with Wallrock Caulk King, it will bridge gaps easily.

Furthermore, so long as a good convex bead is applied it will have enough flexibility to resist cracking for years to come.

Invest a little extra in Wallrock Caulk King and it will pay you back ten times over in saving time and inconvenience. 

Wallrock Caulk King – so good it is even suitable for outdoor use.

The high polymer content along with the addition of fine fillers means quicker drying and better water resistance so Wallrock Caulk King will easily cope with typical outdoor as well as indoor applications.

Wallrock Caulk King is suitable for a myriad of applications, indoor and outdoor including window frames, architraves, cornices, PVC profiles, PVC cladding, brickwork, concrete, plaster and wood.

It is worth noting that applying Caulk to the inside of a window or door frame is classed as an outside façade which requires an Exterior caulk.

Wallrock Caulk King is so good it can even be used as an adhesive for bonding polystyrene in some light duty applications

Unlike many cheap caulks Wallrock Caulk King is classed as an ISO 11600 Construction Sealant.

Wallrock Caulk King – takes paint beautifully

Many of us will have experienced the problem of paint blistering off newly sealed joints. So, its good news the Wallrock Caulk King compliments modern water-based paints perfectly and needs no special preparation before painting.

Wallrock Caulk King – large and full tube

Wallrock Caulk King is supplied in extra-large, professional standard, 380ml tubes to avoid the frequent tube changes you can get with the commonly supplied DIY 310ml tubes.

Just as we do not ‘nickel and dime quality’, we do not ‘nickel and dime’ the quantity supplied – with Wallrock Caulk King you always get a full 380ml – every time.

Wallrock® Caulk King – Always a full, trade sized tube

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