Wallrock® KV600: wall insulation and energy saving in your house

  • Insulates and saves energy
  • Combats condensation and mould
  • Smooths out rough and uneven surfaces - Tough and Durable too
  • Paste the wall application

 Wallrock KV600 insulates your house and saves you energy

Wallrock KV600 is the most effective paper in the thermally efficient wallpaper range.

Made of the same material as the Wallrock® Thermal Liner but 25% thicker, Wallrock KV600 insulates the walls and helps you save energy at the same time.

How is that possible for simple wallpaper? Wallrock KV600 is not just your standard wallpaper, but it’s a composite product consisting of a PVC free insulation layer permanently bonded to a heavy duty reinforced liner.

Wallrock KV600 works by holding the heat energy at the wall surface and reflecting it back into the room; this means that when you use it to insulate your walls it reduces heat loss and warming up times, effectively saving energy. You can read more about our insulation products here.

Rooms warm up much quicker with Wallrock® KV600

Wallrock KV600 prevents condensation and mould in your house

Condensation forms on walls when warm room air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as a wall. Thanks to its thick 4mm layer, Wallrock KV600 retains the heat at the surface and allows the walls to breathe, protecting your room from condensation, so you can say goodbye to unpleasant mould that often forms in the corners of your house.

Wallrock KV600 smooths out uneven surfaces

Wallrock KV600 not only insulates your walls and protects them from mould and condensation, it is also great as a base to use onto uneven surfaces such as old and cracked plaster. There’s no need to re-plaster those walls, thanks to its strength and thickness Wallrock KV600 covers cracks and reinforces rough surfaces, giving a smooth uniform finish that will last for a long time.

After you have applied Wallrock KV600 to your walls, you can paint on it directly, or for even better results you can apply Wallrock® Fibreliner on top for a really high end finish.

Apply Wallrock KV600 with paste the wall technique

Wallrock KV600 is very easy to apply as well: it’s a paste the wall type of paper, meaning that it can be applied straight from the roll onto the wall. All you have to do is paste the wall with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive and you are good to go.

Wallrock® Thermal Liner Adhesive – specially formulated for Wallrock® KV600

 To see a hanging video, please click here

The full range of Wallrock® products, including Wallrock® KV600, can be purchased from www.coveryourwall.co.uk

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