Anaglypta Dado Panels – Easy to Hang Using Paste the Wall Technique

Period style with modern techniques.

Anaglypta Dado Panels are one of the oldest products available from Anaglypta, having been in production for over 130 years. Anaglypta Dado Panels give dramatic period style, whilst utilising modern paste the wall hanging techniques, meaning that anyone can give their home an authentic period look with ease. Originally produced in Supaglypta embossed paper, Anaglypta Dado Panels are now produced on a paste-the-wall paper, making them easier to hang, even for beginners. Anaglypta Dado Panels come in a variety of styles, from Nouveau to Oriental, Baroque to Rococo. Anaglypta Dado Panels are a great way to cover imperfections whilst adding textured warmth. Simply hang and paint your Anaglypta Dado Panels in your choice of colour.

Hanging Anaglypta Dado Panels

Hanging Anaglypta Dado Panels can seem daunting, however by following some very simple instructions, great results can be achieved

  1. If dado rails are not installed, strike a straight line horizontally across the wall at the desired dado height
  2. Cut the desired number of panels
  3. Use a good quality adhesive suitable for heavy wallcoverings, we recommend Wallrock Power Adhesive
  4. Paste the wall to cover the same area as the desired number of panels you are hanging – as Anaglypta Dado Panels are paste-the-wall, you can hang as many in one go as you are comfortable with, meaning there will be fewer joints.
  5. Position the paper on the wall, aligning the top of the design with the horizontal line or under the dado rail. Ensure the Anaglypta Dado Panel is hung the correct way up, the bottom is purposefully made to be trimmed.
  6. Brush the paper down and out from the centre to the edges, ensuring that all air bubbles are removed.
  7. Trim off the excess at the skirting board.
  8. Remove any excess paste immediately with a damp sponge.
  9. Allow to dry then paint in your choice of colour.

Anaglypta Dado Panels – Easy to Hang, Even on Stairs

Anaglypta Dado Panels can also be hung up the stairs, so the period style can be continued throughout your home; when hanging on the stairs, it is recommended that the whole hanging project is started at the top of the stairs, on ‘Plumb A’ as shown in the following image – use a plumb line to make sure the panel is hung perfectly vertical.

Cut off half of an Anaglypta Dado Panel, this should be about 32cm wide – trying to hang wider pieces than this on the stairs will not work.

Hang the panel, with the top left corner touching the dado rail or banister, with the right-hand edge on the plumb line – this will mean that there is a triangular gap at the top, and a triangular piece to trim at the bottom. Simply trim it from the bottom and insert in the top, trimming away any excess from the dado rail or bannister edge

There is also a great video that shows just how simple it is, to view just click here.

Anaglypta Dado Panel ‘Oriental – RD06700’

Anaglypta dado panels can be coupled with other products within the Anaglypta range, which can all be purchased from, simply click here to see the full range

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