Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl – our traditional quality using modern materials

  • High-Quality backing paper and vinyl layer
  • Design heritage
  • Easy to use
  • Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful surface homogenous wall or ceiling
  • Paintable/fashionable

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl – where traditional Anaglypta quality and design meets modern materials.

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl is one of the more modern forms of Anaglypta, fusing modern materials with a nod to traditional design elements to perfect a flat-backed range of paintable products. For more information, take a look at our Anaglypta luxury vinyl wallpapers.

Luxury Vinyl does not compromise and incorporates high-quality backing paper of at least 110 GSM topped off with a generous layer ‘high quality’, ‘high white’ luxury vinyl – unlike many ‘cheapened’ products. The strong paper backing allows a long service life and easy removal when the time comes to remove it – if of course it ever does.

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl – a Design Heritage stretching back from the present over 100 years.

Whilst Luxury Vinyl utilises modern materials it still taps into an Anaglypta design heritage stretching back over 100 years.

Some of the older designs such as Luxury Vinyl Egon and Luxury Vinyl Turner Tile date back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras whereas newer designs such as Hurstwood and Argo have simple, contemporary forms and will fit in with the most cutting edge architectural elements.

Anaglypta Egon - RD80029

Anaglypta Turner Tile - RD80000

There are over fifty Luxury Vinyl designs to choose from, all offering an attractive eye-catching design suited just about any theme or home is available.

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - means easy application.

Luxury Vinyl is ideally suited to straight forward basic decorating techniques for those wanting to get the job done with the minimum of fuss but achieve a high-quality finish.

All products in the Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl range are flat-backed which allows easy paste application and easy application to the wall or ceiling. The generous even layer of ‘high white’ luxury vinyl allows the optimum application surface for modern water-based emulsion paints with excellent depth to the finishing colour.

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful finish on walls or ceilings.

Many walls and ceilings have less than perfectly flat surfaces and defects are often very apparent.

A quick and effective way to disguise these surfaces is to use Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl, even very obvious flaws can be effectively disguised by the relief pattern for many years to come if you so choose. And if at any time you do want the wallpaper removing it strips off very easily.

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - paintable wallpaper that is fashionable too

All the Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl designs combine well with any colour palette whether that be bright or strong contemporary colours or just good old white paint. Better still Luxury Vinyl can be repainted many times so there is no need to shy away from bold schemes if you want to try that bold experiment. Whatever your colour scheme the beautiful timeless designs will add interest and style to any room…

Deco Paradisco - RD576

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