Supaglypta by Anaglypta – Wallpaper like no other!

  • Traditional textile reinforced paper product with zero PVC
  • Design heritage
  • Strength and durability - resists cracks reappearing/hardwearing
  • Paintable/fashionable

Supaglypta – where traditional manufacturing offers advantages for the homes of today …

Supaglypta is a unique form of Anaglypta perfected in Darwen Lancashire towards the end of the 19th century. Supaglypta is still made using the same basic process as was perfected all those years ago, a process that is unique to the Supaglypta product.

Two layers of paper are pressed and glued together in the embossing process but the unique ingredient is in the paper mix whereby to add further strength to the product the paper is reinforced with textile fibres which are premixed in the paper.

All this makes embossing more difficult and a slower process but the result is a very strong, unique, textile reinforced Supaglypta wallpaper with the crisp design definition that cannot be replicated with cheaper, weaker, modern products that use PVC to form the pattern. 

Supaglypta – a Design Heritage stretching back over 100 years

Once the manufacturing process had been perfected designs were introduced reflecting the best design trends of the time and some of these timeless patterns are still in production over 100 years later.

All but one design has a male name and the story goes that the first designs were each named after a member of the original Supaglypta Development Team. The oldest surviving design is Supaglypta Spencer, dating back to 1903 and still a top seller.

Anaglypta Supaglypta Spencer RD0151

Other Supaglypta designs quickly followed such as Supaglypta Alfred in 1907

Anaglypta Supaglypta Alfred RD0137

Further designs were introduced later, ‘Inca’ in 1935 that echo’s the height of the Art Deco period followed by Richard and Frazer in 1951 symbolising the optimism of the post-war period.

Anaglypta Supaglypta Inca RD0145

Supaglypta – inner strength and outer beauty…

As we have already seen, Supaglypta is not just two layers of embossed paper, the high-quality paper also contains reinforcing textile fibres.

The inclusion of textile fibres improves the tear resistance and ability to stretch of the paper by 100% giving Supaglypta inner strength as well as outer beauty.

And it is useful strength too as the papers will actively reinforce tired cracked plaster whilst the crisp embossed designs does a superb job of disguising the defect – and you can have a high degree of confidence that active cracks will not reappear after just a few months.

Not only that, Supaglypta allows walls to breathe, unlike vinyl products that lock in moisture.

Supaglypta, back on-trend…

A new appreciation of artisan products with a real tangible design heritage has seen demand for Supaglypta rocketing.

Anaglypta Supaglypta Seymour RD0655

Anaglypta Supaglypta Edward RD0602

Anaglypta Supaglypta Alexander RD0647

The heritage designs combine well with any colour palette whether that be bright or strong contemporary colours or just good old white paint. Supaglypta durability and crisp design relief allows for numerous changes of colour so there is no need to shy away from bold schemes if the fancy takes you. Whatever your colour scheme the beautiful timeless design of Supaglypta will add depth and interest.

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