Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner has been specially developed to offer a combination of features: Thermal insulation and energy saving for walls and ceilings Great for damaged walls – at 2.5-3 mm* thick it’s perfect for covering damaged and textured walls Mould Prevention...

Wallrock Thermal Liner has been specially developed to offer a combination of features:

  • Thermal insulation and energy saving for walls and ceilings
  • Great for damaged walls – at 2.5-3 mm* thick it’s perfect for covering damaged and textured walls
  • Mould Prevention - Thermal Liner allows walls to breathe and raises the room temperature meaning it will help to combat mould growth
  • Improves room acoustics (softens the sound bouncing off hard walls) – not the main feature of the liner though
  • Great surface for paint or paste-the-wall wallpapers (read more below if you'd like to use paste the paper wallpapers)

See Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner if you'd like to achieve better thermal performance. KV600 is 25% heavier. Please note it offers twice the coverage of standard Wallrock Thermal Liner per roll.

Independent test results – British Board of Agreement (BBA)

“When Wallrock Thermal Liner is applied to a solid wall dwelling with a U Value of 2.1 W/m2K the resulting U Value is improved (i.e. reduced) to 1.79 W/m2K. This represents a saving of 15% in the static heat loss. Its Thermal Resistance has been measured at 0.0821 m2K/W.” To view the full document, please click here.

Technical specifications and how to hang Wallrock Thermal Liner:

  • Roll Size: 10 metres long and 75 cm wide - one roll covers 7.5 m2
  • Thickness: 2.5-3 mm
  • Adhesive: Use with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive – 4 to 5 kg per roll
  • Fire safety: is “normally” inflammable (according to the standard DIN 4102-1 “B2” classification, which corresponds to “E“ classification with DIN EN 13501-1)

Application Advice:


  • Put the ‘fluffy’ side put against the wall, so the smooth surface faces the room
  • Remember, the liner is absorbent, so be generous when pasting with Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive (4-5kg per roll)
  • Have a set of sharp blades available before you start
  • When going around sharp corners butt-joint separate drops
  • Use normal emulsion paint over the Thermal Liner
  • Try our paste-the-wall wallcoverings to get smoother / different finish on the Thermal Liner, use paste-the-wall wallcoverings – more about further down on this page
  • Did you know? You can use Wallrock Thermal Liner on ceilings as well – be ready to use more adhesive and get someone to help


  • We do not recommend applying traditional wallpapers or lining papers over Thermal Liner because these products, by nature, expand when wet and shrink when drying up (paper-based products are dimensionally unstable), which can cause the corners of Wallrock Thermal Liner to be pulled off. All Wallrock products are dimensionally stable. You can use Wallrock Fibreliners directly over the Thermal Liner (read below about Finish on Wallrock Thermal Liner).
  • If you'd like to hang traditional wallpaper over the Thermal Liner, please hang Wallrock Fibreliner on top of the Thermal Liner first and then you can apply your wallpaper. In addition to preventing the lifting of the corners and seams of the Thermal Liner, it will allow you to remove the wallpaper in the future without damaging Wallrock Thermal Liner.
  • We'd not recommend putting ceramic tiles over the thermal liner. If you want to hang ceramic tiles over the thermal liner, please use the Professional Insulation Panels instead.


Wallrock Thermal Liner facts

  • Reduces room warm up-time by up to 65% and up to 36% energy saving
  • Allows walls to breathe Resists mould and damp formation
  • Covers problem areas such as cracked plaster and textured surfaces - it is approx 2.5-3mm thick
  • Produces a flat surface for paste-the-wall wallpapers (sometimes known as non-woven wallpapers)
  • Helps with sound acoustics
  • NO PVC or glass fibre
  • Thermal liner is classified as „E “according to DIN EN 13501-1 in relation to its reaction to fire behaviour, which corresponds to „B2“(normally inflammable) according to the standard DIN 4102-1
  • If you'd like to improve the fire rating of the thermal liner, please use Wallrock FIRELINER Class 0.

Finish on Wallrock Thermal Liner

Please note that the surface of Thermal Liner is an excellent surface for paint, however, if you want to create a better / different finish quickly and easily use Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth, Wallrock Fibreliner, Wallrock Premium or Wallrock Fibreliner Plus (flat finish) or Anaglypta Armadillo and Anaglypta Armadillo Contract for a textured finish. These liners can be applied directly over the thermal liners. If you'd like to improve the fire rating of the thermal liner, please use Wallrock FIRELINER Class 0.

Mould prevention

Walls that have surface temperature distinctly cooler than the ambient air temperature are typically affected by mould. This is why the problem is often seen on outside walls and close to windows. The warm and moist room air condenses on the cooler areas of the walls and creates condensation. Wallrock Thermal Liner increases the surface temperature of the wall preventing condensation and therefore stops mould from forming.

Sound absorption

Wallrock Thermal Liner provides pleasing acoustics thanks to its high degree of noise and sound absorption. The degree of absorption in the audible range on unpainted or uncovered Thermal Liner is on average aw=0.02. This figure corresponds to the acoustic performance of a 5 mm thick velour carpet. Please note that the sound insulation properties are completely secondary as far as product benefits are concerned.


Does Wallrock Thermal Liner work?

We have all the evidence that it does. Apart from verifying the product through tests, our customers confirm this too through feedback and repeated purchases. Read reviews on the product page.

Do I need to put another liner over Thermal Liner?

No. Wallrock Thermal Liner has been designed to be ready for final decorating, but everything depends on the wall’s (or ceiling) condition and sometimes it’s required to use paste-the-wall liners on top of the Thermal Liner to get better finish.

Which side should go against the wall?

The ‘fluffy’ side should go against the wall and the flat side is facing the room.

Can I paint Wallrock Thermal Liner?

Yes, you can paint Wallrock Thermal Liner using emulsion paint.

Can I use traditional wallpaper or lining paper over the Thermal Liner?

We advise against it because traditional wallcoverings expand when wet and shrink when drying, which could cause the Thermal Liner to lift at the corners or seams. Use Wallrock Fibreliners and Armadillo range of wallpapers for a better finish. Please get in touch with us if you are still unsure how to go about choosing the right products.


* Please note that the thickness can vary, but the efficiency of the product is based on the weight, which is 450 g/m2.

Roll size:75 cm x 10 m
Coverage:7.5 m²
Thickness:3 mm
Application:Paste the wall
Recommended adhesive:Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive
Adhesive consumption (per roll)4 kg

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