Wide lining paper

Is there such a thing as extra-wide lining paper?

Yes and no. It's almost impossible to buy traditional lining paper, which is wider than the standard 56 cm. From time to time, one of the main manufacturers will produce wider rolls of lining paper, but soon it proves very unpopular with customers - especially professional decorators. On paper (excuse the pun) wider lining paper sounds great. You'd be able to cover more walls quicker and you'd have less seams to worry about. This is where the pros end and cons start. There are no wide enough pasting tables. It's quite a difficult job to paste a wide lining paper, say 75 cm wide, on a 56cm wide pasting table. It's not impossible and doable when you have a wall or two to do and have plenty of time (plus patience), but this isn't a way to do it when you have 4 rooms to line and you are paid for the finished job not the time you spend on it. Another thing to remember is that, as you most likely know, lining paper (or any paper for that matter) will expand when wet. This will be even more pronounced with a wider lining paper leading to potentially bigger gaps at the seams when the paper dries.

So, is there no wide lining paper at all? There is, but it's called Wallrock Fibreliner. It's not really lining paper, but it performs the same function. It covers imperfections and prepares walls for painting or hanging wallpaper - please remember that the walls need to be prepared in the same fashion as in case of hanging lining paper. It's much stronger, which makes it ideal in situations where traditional lining paper may tear. And most importantly it's available in wide rolls. In fact, you can have it at 55, 75 cm and the extra-wide 100 cm. Because Wallrock Fibreliners are paste-the-wall type of wallcoverings you don't need a pasting table! There's no need to worry about Wallrock Fibreliner shrinking and leaving nasty gaps at the seams as it's dimensionally stable. Although Wallrock Fibreliners are dimensionally stable, walls always move and this may result in tiny, hairline gaps appearing - this will largely depend on your property.

Finish on Wallrock Fibreliner

Wallrock Fibreliner gives you a choice of different finishes whereas lining paper only offers one standard finish. You can choose from the standard Wallrock Fibrliner, Wallrock Fibreliner Plus and Wallrock Fibreliner Premium. The premium helps to achieve plaster-like finish where the standard Wallrock Fibreliner is more in line with your traditional lining paper with Wallrock Fibreliner Plus being in-between the two.

Now you can really get a wide liner, which will make the job much faster and easier.

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