Wallrock Caulk King Filler & Sealant


Caulk King - Wallrock Premium Filler and Sealant is an easily applied, high-quality solvent-free filler and sealant that ensures it is suitable for many indoor applications as well as outdoor use.

Application and Features

  • Sealing around window frames, architraves and cornices
  • PVC profile trim and PVC cladding
  • Cracks and gaps in brickwork, stone, concrete and between skirting boards and walls
  • Wallrock® Caulk King Premium Filler & Sealant can be used as an adhesive for bonding polystyrene
  • NOT suitable for use on PE, PP, Teflon, bituminous surfaces or below ground level
  • Crack-resistant. +/- 12.5% flexibility indoor and outdoor
  • White, over paintable and solvent-free premium caulk
  • 380ml tube - use skeleton or caulk gun
  • ISO 11600 Construction Sealant

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