Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic – Keep damp out of Your Home with Damp Proof Lining Paper from Wallrock®

  • Tough and Durable
  • Combats penetrating damp
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Paste the wall application

Keep your home damp-free with Wallrocks’ Damp Proof Lining Paper

 If you have unsightly damp patches that appear and ruin your décor, then the technically advanced Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic could be just what you need – unlike its competitor, Wallrocks’ damp-proof lining paper doesn’t contain any bituminous components, keeping your home environment healthier too.

The Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic range comprises of two products;

  1. Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic Roll -

Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic Roll – damp proof lining paper

2. Dampstop Thermic Adhesive – available in 1kg tins and 2,5kg tubs, average consumption is 1kg per 5m²

Specially made to adhere to the damp-proof lining paper

Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic – Touch and Durable

Wallrocks’ damp-proof lining paper follows in the footsteps of their other products and reputation for making tough and durable products. Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic is made using a composite of polypropylene and foil to give the best results on the market – a truly advanced damp proof lining paper

Combats Penetrating Damp

Due to its time in research and development, Wallrocks’ damp-proof lining paper is unrivalled in quality, with class-leading ability to combat penetrating damp. When used with the specially engineered Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic Adhesive, penetrating damp is eliminated – meaning your home and decorative finishes are no longer compromised.

Reduces Heat Loss

The foil element of Wallrock’s damp proof lining paper means that Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic also has the added benefit of helping to retain the heat in your home. As well as having some thermal insulation properties, Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic can be used under one of Wallrocks’ thermally efficient wallcoverings, such as


Wallrock® Thermal Liner

Wallrock® Thermal Liner KV600

One of these combinations would enable your rooms to be free of unsightly damp patches and also have much improved thermal insulation.

Paste the Wall Method for Easy Application

As with other Wallrock® products, Dampstop Thermic is applied using the Paste the Wall method, making it very easy to apply. If using the damp-proof lining paper under further decoration, it is recommended that Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic Adhesive is used to hang all layers of product to ensure the best bond and damp elimination results.

The full range of Wallrock® products, including Wallrock® Dampstop Thermic can be purchased from www.coveryourwall.co.uk

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