Fun & Practical Ways to Decorate with Magnetic Wallpaper

When it comes to decorating, fun and practicality are both top priorities. Magnetic wallpaper ticks both of these boxes, offering you a chance to get creative without compromising on practicality.  

Want to know more about this enduring interior design trend? Read on as we introduce you to magnetic wallpaper and explore some fun and practical decorating ideas.

What is magnetic wallpaper?

Magnetic wallpaper is a bestseller for a reason, with Brits across the UK using it decorate homes, businesses, offices and schools – basically anywhere that needs a quick and easy facelift.

If you’re not familiar with magnetic wallpaper, let’s get you up to speed. As the name suggests, this clever product features magnetic properties thanks to its ferromagnetic particles. These particles are fully enclosed within the wallpaper and transform its surface into a magnetic canvas.


The flexibility doesn’t stop here, with the option of leaving your magnetic wallpaper as is or painting it in the colour of your choice. An on-trend choice would be PANTONE Ultimate Gray or PANTONE Illuminating, a soft yet uplifting shade of yellow.

Alternatively, opt for a layer of wallpaper to create a high-end look. With the right adhesive, your magnetic wallpaper surface can be transformed into a work of art.

Inspiration for your magnetic wallpaper project

Magnetic wallpaper is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects. Many homeowners incorporate magnetic wallpaper into their interiors, though it can also make a big statement in schools, businesses and other high-traffic areas.

Below, we spotlight some popular applications for magnetic wallpaper to get you feeling inspired.

Reimagine your living spaces

Whether you like to keep things clean and simple or prefer colourful and multi-dimensional interiors, magnetic wallpaper is a savvy addition to any living space. This clever product transforms your wall into a blank canvas, leaving you free to decorate as you please. For example, you might choose to showcase prints by your favourite artists or postcards and mementos from your travels. You could even add a world map to your wall and then use magnets to mark all of the places you’ve visited so far!

If you love to get creative with your interiors throughout the year, magnetic wallpaper unlocks a whole new level of creative freedom. For example, a wall in your living room can be decorated in honour of a birthday boy or girl, then completely reimagined for your Christmas party celebrations a few months later. All you need to do is stock up on magnets.

Get creative in the bedroom

Magnetic wallpaper gives you the freedom to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of self-expression. With magnetic walls, you can show off anything from polaroid photographs and concert tickets to original artwork.

If you’re the kind of interior decorator who loves to move your furniture around and experiment with new trends, a magnetic wall covering can save you serious headaches when it comes to wall décor. Instead of patching and repainting nail holes every time you want to move a piece of art, magnetic wallpaper allows you to redecorate in an instant. You’ll love the creative freedom you’ll get from swapping traditional framed artwork for lightweight prints.

Build an organised home office

Magnetic wallpaper can transform a blank wall into functional home office space. With high strength magnets you can easily use your wall to display ‘to do’ lists, calendars and important documents you need to reference throughout the day. If you work in a creative industry, use your magnetic wall covering as a dynamic mood board.     

Have fun with magnets in the kids playroom

Children benefit enormously from hands-on activities and magnetic wallpaper builds on this idea. It transforms your playroom walls into an interactive space where kids can use their hands to get creative with magnets. Looking for inspiration? Amazon is a great platform when it comes to kid-friendly magnets. From dinosaurs and trucks to butterflies and fairies, you’re spoilt for choice. If you’d rather support local and British-owned businesses, head to your local high street and see what you can find.

Spruce up school spaces

If you’re a teacher looking to reimagine your classroom as a fun and hands-on learning space, magnetic wallpaper could be a fantastic solution. As well as encouraging young students to get creative in the classroom, a magnetic wall covering will also encourage kids to interact with each other.

Magnetic wallpaper isn’t just for nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools. It’s also a unique addition to secondary schools and even higher education learning spaces. Students of all ages can benefit from magnetic wallpaper, whether it’s used to display projects, organise the classroom or simply encourage students to get creative.

Getting the most out of your magnetic wallpaper

While standard magnets are attracted to the surface of our magnetic wallpaper, we recommend using ‘high strength’ neodymium magnets to secure heavier items. This will ensure your magnets stay in place and don’t slip or slide.

When installing your paintable magnetic wallpaper, we recommend using Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive for best results. Ideally the room should be between 5-25°c when installing. Extreme cold or hot conditions can compromise effectiveness.

If you’re planning to paint your magnetic wallpaper, we always advise starting with a primer coat. This will help prepare the surface for your paint and create a smooth and durable finish.

When shopping for paint, look for durable water-based options that can be easily cleaned. This is important as magnets can leave marks on your walls, but with the right paint, they’re easy to wipe off. If you’re using paintable magnetic wallpaper in a playroom or school classroom, grubby fingerprints are guaranteed. Again, this is why you want to choose your paint wisely.

Ready to have fun and get creative with magnetic wallpaper? Whether you’re looking to redecorate a bedroom, office or living area, our magnetic wallpaper will work in any room in your home.


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