Create a Roarsome Kids Bedroom with Dinosaur Wall Murals

There are several things in life that kids seem guaranteed to love. Ice cream and puppies are undoubtedly two of those things, but another major childhood fascination has got to be dinosaurs.

From awe-inspiring Tyrannosaurus Rex to the soaring neck and lumbering bulk of Brachiosaurus and the three-horned, rhino-like Triceratops, dinosaurs offer a diverse realm of wonder for children to explore – both boys and girls alike. And, while this may just seem like an adorable phase to some parents, this intense interest in prehistoric creatures could actually have some rather remarkable repercussions.

For instance, did you know that research seems to indicate that kids who become obsessed with dinosaurs may have higher levels of intelligence? Not only that, but this keen interest in those 'terrible lizards' of the past could have a positive knock-on effect on your offspring's attention span, information processing, linguistic skills, and even qualities such as perseverance and problem solving.

The great thing for parents of dinosaur enthusiasts is that this fascination can be easily nourished, through various books, cartoons, movies, and, of course, trips to museums or even fossil collecting at the beach.

But if your child has a particularly powerful love for dinosaurs, why not go a step further and decorate their bedroom accordingly? After all, nothing could be more 'roarsome' to a dino-obsessed kid than a bedroom wall featuring their favourite creatures. 

Dinosaur wall murals

If you are keen to indulge your child's interest in dinosaurs, while simultaneously brightening up their bedroom, we would highly recommend a dinosaur mural.

Here at Cover Your Wall, we have several stunning dinosaur wall murals which would be perfect for decorating a child's room. These murals feature dinosaur designs that combine bold shapes with a subtle colour palette, so they are not too garish to the eye.

This subtlety in colour and style is sure to appeal if you opt to adorn your walls with a dinosaur wall mural. As you may already know, decorating a child's room with a dinosaur theme can sometimes seem fraught with poor choices, and parents can find themselves wincing over the various dinosaur-patterned wallpapers you can find in various stores or online today. Many of these wallpapers are simply too much, too cartoonish and gaudily bright – much too 'busy' for a room that should be simultaneously soothing as well as engaging.

Meanwhile, other wallpapers often simply have too much of a babyish design, rendering them unsuitable for older children who want to express their love of dinosaurs on their bedroom walls.

The dinosaur wallpaper and murals we offer here at Cover Your Wall have been carefully designed to offer just the right balance of colour, tone and vibrancy. Here are a few of our favourites…

AS Creation Jurassic Dinosaur Children’s Wallpaper

This dinosaur wallpaper is both attractive and educational. Not only does it feature images of some of the most well-known dinosaurs, it also includes their names in rustic letters picked out in shades of brown and grey.


A perfect blend of striking design and muted colours, the wallpaper would work well as a feature wall, but could just as easily be used as decor for the whole room.

To get the full dinosaur effect, why not pair this wallpaper with a variety of dino-themed accessories, such as cushions, bedding, night lights, clocks, lampshades and more. Once your decorating is complete, your little dinosaur lover is sure to love their new Jurassic themed sleeping quarters.

Dinosaur Animal Friends Wall Mural

Our Dinosaur Animal Friends mural is sure to be a big hit with children of all ages, thanks to its bold and playful design, stylishly off-set by a darker and more subtle colour palette than you might find elsewhere.

Perfect as a focal point for your young dinosaur enthusiast's bedroom, this mural is available in two different styles – 8-panel (for walls measuring up to 384cm wide and 260cm high), or round (144cm x 144cm). Best of all, it is easy to install, as the mural is manufactured on a paste-the-wall substrate which makes it both simple to handle and to apply to the walls.

In addition, this dinosaur mural is durable and light-resistant, and can effortlessly cover any little imperfections on the bedroom wall, such as small dents or cracks.  Once in place, your children are sure to thank you for decorating their bedroom with such a vibrant piece of wall art, guaranteed to kindle their imaginations and have them dreaming of playful dinosaurs romping among the palm trees.  

Dinosaurs Wall Mural

If you would rather create a spectacular Jurassic feature wall for your child's bedroom, then you should check out this Dinosaurs Wall Mural.

Displaying an array of dinosaurs in a variety of colours and poses, this mural is as exquisite as a painting and is available in a 4-panel size, making it suitable for walls measuring up to 192cm wide and 260cm in height.

Like the Dinosaur Animal Friends mural, this piece of wall art can be easily applied by DIY users, thanks to its high-quality paste-the-wall base and butt join panels which won't overlap.

Once it has been installed, not only will this wall mural conceal any small imperfections on your child's wall, it will also draw the eye with its boldly rendered graphics – not to mention boosting the dinosaur knowledge of your palaeontologist-in-the-making.   

Dino-centric decorating

At Cover Your Wall, we have some splendid options for you to choose from when it comes to introducing dinosaurs to your child's bedroom decor. Whichever piece of prehistoric wall art you decide to go for, you are sure to be pleased by the easy application and professional finish of our bedroom wall murals for children – not to mention their durability, which makes them such a great option for kids' rooms.

Ready to go Jurassic, and start your dinosaur decorating project? Order online today and enjoy free next day delivery on orders over £100 – or get in touch with our helpful team if you have any questions.

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