6 Wallpaper Trends We Expect to See in 2022

Interior design is continually evolving, and trending wallpapers are no exception. One of the easiest and most high-impact ways to transform a space, wallpaper is a fantastic alternative to paint. That’s why we’re so excited to present our countdown of the top 6 latest wallpaper trends we expect to see in 2022.

What we love about all these trending wallpapers is that as well as being up-to-the-minute, they also have genuine staying power. Yes, they’re a great way to update your interiors and give your home or business an instant makeover. But they’re also timeless enough to remain on-trend for years to come.

Ready to find out what’s trending in 2022? From textured wallpaper to biophilic design, read on to discover the latest wallpaper trends.  

1. Add intrigue with textured wallpaper

Adding texture is one of the oldest interior design tricks in the book. While many decorators rely on soft furnishings and accessories to add intrigue to a space, wallpaper is a unique and timeless way to bring texture to a room. From intricate florals and classic Victorian patterns to Art Deco motifs and modern geometric designs, you’ll find textured wallpaper to complement every décor style.

STORM 2 - RD7171

Most textured wallpaper comes in neutral shades like white and cream, making it easy to customise your space and maintain your desired colour scheme. Paint your wallpaper a rich shade of navy blue or ruby red to create a dramatic effect. In comparison, lighter colours are a great way to create shadows and really highlight the unique texture of your wallpaper.

If you’re looking for ways to mask small imperfections in your walls, textured wallpaper is an easy and affordable solution. Even better, when you feel like a change you can simply paint over your wallpaper in a new colour. There’s no need to strip off old paper and start again, which makes textured wallpaper a clever solution for decorators who like to update rooms every year or so.

2. Nature-inspired wallpaper and biophilic design

More than ever, the past few years have helped people appreciate the benefits of spending time in nature. This sentiment has embedded itself in interior design and we’re expecting to see an upsurge in nature-inspired trending wallpapers in 2022. Jungle and botanical prints will continue to trend, transforming bare walls into lush works of art. If you find it hard to keep tropical house plants alive, nature-inspired wallpaper is a great alternative.


These trending wallpapers are all part of an increasingly popular interior design trend known as biophilia. This term is used to describe the inherent human desire to connect with nature and living organisms. Like the Scandinavian term “hygge” used to describe interiors that are cosy and comfortable, the concept of biophilic design has captivated designers around the world. The wallpaper industry was quick to embrace biophilia, borrowing colours, patterns and textures from Mother Nature to create serene designs.

As well as looking beautiful, nature-inspired wallpapers come with an array of mental health benefits. Experts maintain biophilic design can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity, boost creativity and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing. With so many amazing benefits on offer, why not make 2022 the year you embrace biophilic design and bring the outdoors into your space?

3. Wallpaper in the bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper is having a serious moment, with an increasing number of designers and homeowners embracing the trend. The movement will continue into the New Year and is a great way to reimagine your bathroom without the hassle of tiles. There’s no need to worry about the longevity of bathroom wallpaper. As long as you have high-quality wallpaper and a good adhesive, there’s no reason why you can’t reimagine your bathroom with the latest wallpaper trends.

Picture this wallpaper behind your towel rail...


4. Calming greens

American-owned paint giant Sherwin Williams is an authority when it comes to interior design. Their in-house experts have crowned Evergreen Fog the colour of the year for 2022. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see the shade make its mark in the latest wallpaper trends list.

Calming and organic, the hue features green undertones with a hint of blue. The result is a beautiful, understated colour that makes an impact without stealing the spotlight. Pair your Evergreen Fog-inspired wallpaper with crisp white furniture and accents for a breezy aesthetic. Or, for a more dramatic look, opt for dark mahogany furniture and forest green accessories.

5. Coral-hued wallpapers

The trend in coral-hued wallpaper is largely fuelled by the latest Spring/Summer 2022 London Fashion Week Colour Palette released by Pantone. Vivid Coral Rose, an energising and floral-inspired colour with earthy undertones, was quick to capture the attention of designers across the country.


“Our use of colour is connected to the cultural mood. As we explore a new future, we are looking for opportunities to do something completely different,” says Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eiseman. “Colours that celebrate our desire to break boundaries satisfy our fervent need for playful creativity and unconstrained visual expression as we enter into this new, uncertain time.”

You’ll find plenty of wallpapers featuring shades similar to Vivid Coral Rose. Or, if you want a perfect match, opt for your textured wallpaper and customise it with a coat of Vivid Coral Rose paint.

6. Designer and haute couture wallpapers

Next year, designer brand Versace is set to shake up the wallpaper scene with runway-inspired designs. Founded in 1978 by Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, the luxury brand made a mark with both haute couture and ready-to-wear apparel. Now, you can bring the opulence of the iconic Italian brand into your home with the highly anticipated Versace wallpaper range.


This collection of trending wallpapers draws inspiration from iconic patterns and prints pioneered by the brand, as well as classic European art, architecture and design. Bring a splash of colour to your space with the vibrant Greek dishes pattern or keep things simple and elegant with muted wallpaper inspired by the iconic Versace logo.

Ready to upgrade your home décor for 2022?

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