Anaglypta Original – it’s come a long way since 1887

Anaglypta, meaning ‘Raised (ana) Cameo (glypta)’ in Greek, has a history dating back to 1887, when Thomas Palmer took the opportunity he had spotted in the market that meant wallpaper could be available to the masses, not just the rich. Anaglypta Original is still made in a very similar way to when the brand was founded, over 130 years ago. Anaglypta is a brand that has been long renowned for the quality of the wallpapers they produce, with Anaglypta Original still being made using one of the oldest paper making methods known.

Original Anaglypta

Anaglypta Original is a group of pure paper products, made up from 2 layers of paper, with some of the oldest and original Anaglypta designs dating back to the launch of the brand. The Anaglypta Original range is made up of 18 products that all share the same characteristics;

  • Anaglypta Original disguises imperfections
  • Anaglypta Original allows walls to breathe
  • Anaglypta Original is an excellent surface for paint
  • Anaglypta Original contains no PVC
  • Anaglypta Original uses paper from well-managed sources

Iconic Anaglypta Original

Anaglypta Original is possibly the most iconic of all Anaglypta wallpapers with its range of products from vintage style right through to contemporary designs; Anaglypta® Originals can often be seen in hotels and historic buildings, with their installation being as long as 100 years ago. One of the most amazing facts about Anaglypta is just how well it withstands time and the elements; in 1905, a ship called Royal Stores used Anaglypta. Shortly after its installation, the ship sank off the coast of Newfoundland. When the ship was raised, a year later, the Anaglypta was still intact and unharmed. 

Heritage Inspired Anaglypta® Original

Contemporary, yet heritage-inspired Anaglypta Originals are great for use as a feature wall or highlighting aspects of a room, such as a chimney breast. Anaglypta Originals have been used on TV programmes such as the Great Interior Design Challenge in recent times, highlighting that their popularity is coming back into fashion.

Retro Style Anaglypta Original

Anaglypta Original is also available in retro designs, such as Hamnett – with its delicate floral trellis design, and Townsend – a popular striped and floral design.

Anaglypta Hamnett - RD 393

Anaglypta Townsend - RD340

Modern Anaglypta® Original

There are designs for all tastes from the Anaglypta® Original range, as can be seen in the below image of Anaglypta Original Holkam, which is perfectly placed in any home, with its utilitarian finish.

Anaglypta Holkam - RD388

Anaglypta Original products can be coupled with other products within the Anaglypta range, which can all be purchased from, simply click here to see the full range

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