Anaglypta Precision Vinyl – our years of expertise and knowledge give 4 great products

  • High-Quality backing paper and vinyl layer
  • Matchless for easier hanging
  • Batchless for ease of use
  • Less wastage due to elimination of matches and batches
  • Easy to use
  • Covers and disguises defects to produce a faultless beautiful surface homogenous wall or ceiling
  • Paintable/fashionable

Anaglypta Precision Vinyl – made to precise standards for ease of use.

Anaglypta have used their many years of wallpaper manufacturing knowledge to produce the Anaglypta Precision Vinyl range, which comprises of 4 products.

Anaglypta® Precision vinyl was born from the need of professional decorators, who have long required a product that is quick and easy to hang, with minimal wastage.

The Anaglypta Precision Vinyl range comprises of 4 products;

  1. Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Argo – a contemporary bark design, perfect for walls or ceilings

Anaglypta Argo – RD7100 – works perfecting in contemporary settings

2. Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Ceilo – a traditional stipple effect, normally used on ceilings but equally suitable for walls 

3. Anaglypta Precision Vinyl Royal Oak – a traditional utilitarian bark design, regularly used on walls.

Anaglypta Royal Oak – RD7000 – looks great on walls

4. Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Vivere, a woven linen effect, giving subtle texture to walls and ceilings. 

No Match for Precision Results.

Anaglypta Precision Vinyl products have purposefully been designed to be hung without the need for pattern matching, giving perfect results every time.

No Batch for Precision Results.

Anaglypta Precision Vinyl products are all produced to such exacting standards that batches are not required – making the handling of Anaglypta Precision Vinyl even quicker and easier for the decorator or the DIYer.

Features and Benefits of Anaglypta Precision Vinyl

  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl gives textured warmth to walls and ceilings
  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl disguises imperfections
  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl helps to hide surface irregularities
  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl helps cover uneven surfaces
  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl is easy to hang
  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl should be painted – the colour possibilities are endless.
  • Anaglypta Precision Vinyl is the perfect choice for any home

 Anaglypta Precision Vinyl – quick and easy application.

Anaglypta Precision Vinyl is suited to both the professional or DIY decorator and is quick and easy to hang – the no match allows for a lower rate of wastage, meaning the whole job is also more economical.

 The whole Anaglypta Precision Vinyl range can be found on by clicking the following link along with the rest of the Anaglypta and the full Wallrock ranges.

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