Woodchip - a desirable wallpaper

Woodchip and its legacy

Woodchip wallpaper or woodchip lining paper – both names are used interchangeably – is liked and loathed in equal measures. Putting design preferences aside for a moment, woodchip has been known to make grown men cry because it can be very difficult to remove. This is especially true when the woodchip has been on the walls since the 70s and painted over many times. Because of this, woodchip gets a bad name as a horrible liner to use, which isn't necessarily true.

Design pattern

However, as a design pattern, woodchip is still liked by many as it offers a neutral finish, which provides a slight texture without standing out. So, how do you get a similar textured finish without setting yourself up for a lot of work later on? Use Anaglypta wallpapers!

Woodchip alternative

Anaglypta wallpapers are well known and liked and are easy to remove as there are no actual wood chips that provide the textured design - the texture is achieved by embossing the paper or by using blown vinyl. With a bit of imaginative paint colour, these wallpapers can provide a finish which is quite timeless yet not boring. Below is a selection of 3 Anaglyptas that can offer a similar finish to woodchip wallpaper. Anaglypta Original Holkam RD388 and Anaglypta Original Shelburne RD169

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