Buying Anaglypta wallpaper? Read this first

Selling Anaglypta wallpapers every day we see that customers very often underestimate how many rolls they need to buy. 10m2 of wall coverage doesn’t always translate into 10m2 of wallpaper you need to buy. Adding extra coverage for pattern repeat (doesn’t apply to all wallpapers) and wastage will save you the hassle and, potentially, extra costs later on. Consider a situation where, say, 5 years down the line you need a single roll of the same pattern and it’s no longer available.

Across 100s of orders, we’ve noticed that some customers buy X number of wallpaper rolls and then follow with another order a few days or weeks later just for a single roll. This clearly points to the issue of underestimating of the actual wallpaper needed for the job.

Pattern repeat and wastage

When measuring the wallpaper coverage and buying Anaglypta wallpapers you have to take into consideration pattern repeat. Pattern repeat is simply the vertical distance on the wallpaper between where the pattern starts and finishes. In other words, where the pattern becomes identical again. Some pattern repeats are very short e.g. 1.9cm for Anaglypta Original Churchill RD385 or quite large for Dandelion Blush RD80005 where the pattern repeat is 64cm.

This means that when hanging the wallpaper you may end up losing the entire length of the pattern repeat on each drop – it doesn’t always work out like this and it depends on the actual structure of the pattern and the length of each drop. It’s best to count the number of drops and then add the length of the pattern repeat for each drop.

When hanging any wallcovering, wastage will inevitably occur. Most often it’s in the form of the excess you need to leave on each end of the drop before trimming it to size. Sometimes you just make a mistake and cut it too short - remember, measure twice and cut once – which will result in this piece of the wallpaper going to waste.

Planning for the future

We receive quite a lot of emails from customers who search for Anaglypta patterns they have had on their walls for a number of years and either need to replace part of the wallpaper or would like to extend the same pattern onto another wall, but can’t find the wallpaper. Typically the emails end with ‘I wish I had thought about it then’…

Although most Anaglypta patterns have been available since they were first introduced, some have been discontinued. So, it would be prudent to buy an extra roll when making the initial purchase and put it away completely so that it be used some years later when needed.

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