Tackling condensation on internal walls

Why does condensation happen?

Condensation on walls occurs when the warmer room air comes into contact with a colder wall. In order to address this issue, we want to separate the surface of the wall through creating a thermal barrier between the wall’s surface and the warmer air inside the room.

What can we offer to help tackle condensation?

Thermal wall liners have been designed to create this layer of thermal insulation on a wall and here at Cover Your Wall we stock Wallrock Thermal Liners that can help tackle condensation on walls.

You can shop for the standard Wallrock thermal liner and the KV600 thermal liner at Cover Your Wall.

The thermal base material also has a Wallrock liner on one side so that when hung on the wall there is a smooth surface which can be either painted or covered or overhang with Wallrock Fibreliner to get a better finish. 

If the condensation isn't too severe, you can consider using Wallrock R300 or Cosy Liner KV300. Both are made from the same material, but the roll size is different with the Cosy Liner KV300 better suited for smaller rooms. A roll of Cosy Liner covers 7.5 m2 whereas one roll of Wallrock R300 covers 25 m2.

You can use our polystyrene-based insulation as well. They work well and are cheaper to use, however, please note that polystyrene isn't breathable.

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