Erfurt MAV

Erfurt MAV 1400 Grade Professional Lining Paper


Erfurt MAV Professional Lining Paper 1400 grade:

  • best suited for use on old and new plaster walls/ceilings with moderately rough surfaces;
  • A perfect base for emulsion paint or decorative wallpaper;
  • Quick results with minimum fuss and mess;
  • Choose from 10, 20 and 40 metre rolls for efficient and cost effective material usage;
  • It's produced from pure pulp and offers superb tensile strength;
  • Produced from sustainable and renewable forests, FSCcertified.


  • If you are hanging over badly damaged plaster, ensure holes and cracks are filled and smoothed wherever possible;
  • Slight imperfections will be smoothed out by using the lining paper, the heavier the lining the smoother the effect;
  • Soak the paper well (8 to 12 minutes) - the product has excellent strength and will resist tearing even after excessive soaking times.
Roll size:53 cm x 10 m53 cm x 20m53 cm x 40m 
Coverage:5.3 m²10.6 m²21.2 m²
Application:Paste the paper - soaking time: 8-12 minutes
Recommended adhesive:Erfurt MAV Easy Paste  
Adhesive consumption (per roll)1 kg2 kg4 kg

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