Bouquet of Peonies - Wall Mural 5558


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Bouquet of Peonies - Wall Mural 5558 is the perfect addition to bring that extra pop of colour your room is longing for. 

With a round circumference, this mural becomes the focal point of any room; creating a textured feature to add character and depth. The tones create a sweet warm feeling, perfect for instantly transforming any space.


Produced on a paste the wall substrate, in the following size;

  • Round - 144 x 144 cm, supplied in 3 strips

WallArt Photo Murals are supplied on a high quality paste the wall base, meaning they can be applied quickly and easily, by DIY users or professionals alike

  • butt join panels - do not overlap
  • covers small cracks and dents in the wall
  • easy to handle and to apply
  • high light-resistance & durability
  • weight: 130 g/m²

We recommend using Anaglypta ReadyMix Adhesive when hanging these products.

Substrate:Non - woven PTW
Match type:Straight
Application:Paste the wall
Recommended adhesive:Anaglypta ReadyMix Adhesive
Adhesive consumption (per square metre)200 grams

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