Banksy - "In The Ukraine" Poster


"In The Ukraine" by Banksy

There is a lot of speculation about the mysterious street artist named Banksy, who spreads graffiti on political and socio-critical topics. His trademark: stencil graffiti with clearly recognizable messages. He does not only paint with spray paints - oil and acrylic paints are also used. Banksy himself claims that the wall has always been the best place to publish his work. Despite his great success, he clearly distances himself from capitalism and only wants to convey his passion for street art.

In this work, we see a little boy throwing a grown man to the ground with all his might. The painting was immortalized on a wall in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

You will receive the black and white motif as a modern poster. With it, any wall can be spiced up immediately and also gives the room a whole new feeling of living. The poster motif impresses with its high-quality print and modern design. 

The poster is available in different sizes.

Please note that orders of this poster are dispatched directly from our supplier and may take up to 21 days to arrive.

Substrate:Non - woven PTW
Match type:Straight
Application:Paste the wall
Recommended adhesive:Anaglypta ReadyMix Adhesive
Adhesive consumption (per square metre)200 grams

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