Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Surf - 5019Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Surf - 5019


Surf - 5019

Anaglypta Turner Tile RD8000Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Turner Tile RD80000


Turner Tile - RD80000

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Wildacre - RD803Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Wildacre - RD803


Wildacre - RD803

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - Willow Bough 804301Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - Willow Bough 804301


Willow Bough - 804301

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - Winnipeg 42558Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl - Winnipeg 42558


Winnipeg - 42558

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Worthing RD4009Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Worthing RD4009


Worthing - RD4009

 Zircon RD968 Anaglypta - Luxury Vinyl Zircon RD968 Anaglypta - Luxury Vinyl
Sold out


Zircon - RD968


Luxury textured wallpaper from Anaglypta

With everything from bold florals to antique Victorian designs and even trendy art deco styles, Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Wallpaper allows you to add a funky retro feel to your living space with ease. This vinyl wallpaper is also fully paintable, so you can add a personal touch to suit you.

The textured surface makes Anaglypta Vinyl Wallpaper great for cleverly covering up any irregularities or minor cracks in your walls, so that they won’t impact the finished look and you can achieve an even finish around the room.

Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl Wallpaper is perfect for the rigours of a hectic family home. It’s tear resistant and can withstand water splashes in the kitchen or bathroom. It is also very low maintenance and can be wiped clean as necessary. 

For best results, use with a good quality adhesive like Easy Paste’s Ready Mixed Wallpaper Adhesive.

  • Variety of classic and contemporary designs available
  • Easy to apply and fully paintable
  • Flexible, yet durable material
  • Water resistant and wipe-clean
  • Textured design disguises imperfections
  • Fast delivery on all orders

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