What are the benefits of paste-the-wall lining paper?

We know sometimes decorating can be a stressing job and even the thought of having to use lining paper on a wall can make this a daunting task from the beginning. Hanging conventional lining paper can definitely be quite tricky, especially if your decorating skills are not up to scratch, but we have the solution for you: what about paste-the-wall products?

Thanks to their advanced technology that makes them dimensionally stable, paste-the-wall products are much easier and quicker to hang: you just paste the wall surface and then stick the liner to it.

Why use paste-the-wall liners at all?

You don’t need a paste table - which means that if you are hanging wallcoverings only once every few years you are saving yourself quite a bit of money and storage space.

Paste-the-wall liners are dimensionally stable (don't expand when wet and shrink whilst drying) and easier to apply and therefore you’re less likely to have gaps or struggle to edge around skirting boards and light switches.

There's no waiting for the wallcovering to absorb the wallpaper paste before you can hang it because you paste the wall and hang the liner right away - this can save you a lot of time.

What are the disadvantages?

Very few, actually! Typically, these liners are more expensive because of how they are made but provide a better way for the less experienced DIYers to line walls for the first time. For professional decorators, they offer a much quicker way to complete jobs when time is precious.

You do, of course, have to make sure the paper goes up before the paste dries but there should be plenty of time to do so, and allow for final adjustments when it’s on the wall.

At CoverYourWall we have a great range of Paste the Wall liners to choose from and recommend to use Wallrock Power Adhesive for the best results.

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