Wallrock® Thermal Liner – make your home cosier with interior wall insulation

  • Insulates and saves energy
  • Combats condensation and mould
  • Smooths out rough and uneven surfaces - Tough and Durable too
  • Paste the wall application

Warm-up your home quicker and keep it cosier with Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner starts saving you energy from the very moment your heating switches on. Wallrock Thermal Liner is a relatively thin insulation at almost  3mm thick but by applying it on the inside of your room it works to the maximum effect by reducing the ‘heat sink’ effect of the walls – in many cases cutting room warm-up times in half. Once the room has warmed it goes on working just like any other insulation typically giving a 15% saving on a solid brick wall.

Rooms warm up much quicker with Wallrock® Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner® helps you to protect your home from unhealthy condensation and mould growth.

Condensation forms on walls when warm room air comes into contact with a cold surface such as a wall – especially the coldest parts such as corners and near to windows. Wallrock Thermal Liners combats this condensation by enabling wall surfaces to retain warmth at the surface, giving less time for condensation to form and linger on the breathable surface. Less condensation means less moisture that in turn promotes mould growth.

Wallrock® Thermal Liner comes in a large 7.5m² roll.

Wallrock Thermal Liner smooths out rough and cracked plaster.

Wallrock Thermal liner is thick compared to most other wallcoverings at around 3mm so it transforms many rough, uneven surfaces, even lightly textured ones.

Not only does Wallrock Thermal Liner cover and smooth the surface but it reinforces it too creating a long-lasting and durable solution.

For an improved surface finish cross line the surface with Wallrock Fibreliner as this will disguise the seams very effectively.

Wallrock Thermal Liner is simple and straightforward to apply.

Always apply Wallrock Thermal Liner with the correct adhesive, unsurprisingly it is called ‘Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive’ and is supplied in 5KG and 10 KG tubs. V

Apply the adhesive to the wall and the Wallrock Thermal liner itself can be applied directly from the roll to the wall and trimmed to size.

Wallrock Thermal Liner is a tough material so be prepared with a sharp trimming knife of good quality wallpaper shears.

Wallrock® Thermal Liner Adhesive – specially formulated for Wallrock® Thermal Liner

To see a hanging video, please click here

The full range of Wallrock® products, including Wallrock® Thermal Liner can be purchased from www.coveryourwall.co.uk

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