What’s the Difference Between Wall Murals and Wallpaper?

Favoured by interior designers and home decorators around the world, wall art is a fast, easy and high-impact way to transform a room. While wall murals and wallpaper do share some similarities, they’re quite different décor solutions with their own unique benefits.

Want to know more about the difference between wallpaper and wall murals? Read on as we define each solution and explore some of the key benefits and applications.

Wall Murals: A Definition

As the name suggests, wall murals transform your room into a work of art. These floor-to-ceiling installations are designed to capture your attention and make a statement from the moment you enter the room. They’re generally used to decorate a single feature wall and often feature bold designs. Discover some of their key benefits below.

Create the illusion of space

The larger-than-life designs used in our murals can really help to open up a room and create the illusion of extra space. While traditional wallpaper relies on repeating patterns, murals like Bouquet of Flowers and The Whale Shark create a largescale art installation.


This makes wall murals ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, as well as smaller spaces like studies, bathrooms and nurseries.

A modern mood

Wall murals are a contemporary alternative to traditional wallpapers and work well in homes with a modern aesthetic. We offer a wide range of designs for every occasion, from serene forest wall murals to sun-drenched beach scenes. For an ultra-modern look, browse our abstract wall murals featuring eye catching prints and patterns.

Incorporate unique shapes

Wall murals have a more artistic edge than traditional wallpaper and are designed to make a statement. It’s not just the graphics that will steal the spotlight, with circular designs like our Jungle Wall Mural featuring a generous 144cm diameter.


The curvilinear shape of circle wall murals also makes them ideal for creating a calming and peaceful mood. Unlike angular shapes that can feel sharp and imposing, circles are associated with relaxation. This makes them ideal for use in bedrooms, studies and any other space where calmness is key.

A professional look

All our wall murals are printed on high quality paper for a professional finish. Unlike the “peel and stick” wall decals you can pick up from your local craft shop, our wall murals are long-lasting and promise an artistic painting-inspired aesthetic.

Easy to install

Our wall murals are printed on a paste the wall base, making it quick and easy to transform your space. Butt join panels eliminate the need to overlap and ensure your wall mural has a smooth and seamless finish, without the need to hire a professional artist or painter. Our easy to install wall murals mean you can transform a lifeless storage room into an adorable children’s nursery or bedroom in an afternoon.

Wallpaper: A Definition

Wallpaper has been captivating interior decorators for centuries, with some of Britain’s oldest patterns dating to the 1500s. Today, modern printing technologies have revolutionised wallpaper design and made it easier than ever to renovate your walls. Read on to find out more about why we love wallpaper, and some of the best ways to use it.

A classic and timeless aesthetic

Wallpaper is a centuries-old design trend and as a result, offers an element of timelessness. While trends do come and go, classic styles like Seymour and Spencer will never go out of fashion.


There’s a reason you’ll see wallpaper everywhere from iconic country estates like Highclere Castle to modern townhouses in the heart of London. That said, many wallpaper brands have embraced contemporary trends like exposed brick and industrial designs to achieve a rustic aesthetic. 

Tough and durable

Wallpaper may seem delicate but modern manufacturing techniques ensure it stands the test of time. Products like the Supaglypta range by Anaglypta use advanced technology to create beautiful wallpaper that doesn’t compromise on durability. The textured designs are reinforced for extra strength, with a pure paper top layer for a high-quality finish and a non-woven liner base later for added durability. This makes them ideal for high traffic areas like entrance halls and stairways.

Choose your application method

Gone are the days of dripping glue and scrunched up paper. Modern wallpaper is a pleasure to install, with our paste the wall range promising professional results with minimal effort. This simple hanging method is perfect for DIY decorators and eliminates the need for a dedicated pasting and preparation table. Instead, our paste the wall method involves using a roller to apply adhesive directly to the wall, with paper laid directly on top. It’s fast, efficient and mess-free.

If you prefer the more traditional method, you’ll love our paste the paper range. It does require a little more time, effort and precision, but the results are flawless. After applying the adhesive, let the paper soak for a few minutes to give it time to expand and rest. Once it’s prepped, smooth over your wall and enjoy the transformation.

The bottom line on wallpaper vs wall murals

As we’ve just explored, both wallpaper and wall murals are a fantastic way to transform your space. Ultimately, which option you choose will depend on your own unique design preferences. Wall murals tend to offer a more contemporary aesthetic, while wallpaper promises a classic and timeless look.

Another key difference is how they’re used. Wall murals tend to be statement installations, often used on a single wall to create a visual centrepiece. Again, this refers back to the idea of wall murals as a modern alternative to wallpaper. Meanwhile, wallpaper is usually installed on every wall to create a refined finish.  

Regardless of whether you choose wallpaper or wall murals, both offer incredible strength and durability. All our designs are also easy to install, making them perfect for both seasoned renovators and DIY rookies.

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