Calming Wall Murals to Bring Peace into Your Home

Been feeling a little stressed lately? You’re not alone, with the latest data from the Mental Health Foundation revealing that at some point over the past year, 74% of British adults have experienced stress to the point they feel overwhelmed or unable to cope. Women are especially susceptible, with 81% of females experiencing extreme stress compared to 67% of males.

While seeking help and support is essential, there are also some smaller things you can do to reduce stress levels in your everyday life. Wall murals fall into this category, allowing you to transform your home into a serene sanctuary. Below, we explore some of the most popular ways to use calming wall murals in your home. We also take a look at how strategic interior design can be used to create calming spaces that genuinely support your mental health.

Forests and trees

The physical and mental benefits of spending time in nature are well-documented, with Scottish GPs even ‘prescribing’ nature to patients to address issues like anxiety and high blood pressure. Collecting driftwood, listening to birdsong and walking outdoors are all on the list. While nothing can replace the experience of actually getting outdoors and immersing yourself in nature, studies suggest the simple act of admiring a natural photograph or painting can have a similar neurological effect.

Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, a psychological sciences professor at the University of San Diego explains, “There are studies that show that looking at pleasant images can provide a type of mental escape for individuals during times of moderate stress. For example, a study out of the Netherlands in 2015 found that having students look at pictures of nature helped to reduce their stress reaction during a stress test, versus pictures of buildings.”

Wall mural designs featuring forests and trees are some of our most popular designs for a good reason. Not only are they innately calming but as Sandra Sgoutas-Emch explains, they also help to moderate stress. Foliage-heavy designs always sell out fast, with patterns like Autumn Forest combining lush green leaves with gold-tinged sunbeams. Sunrays is another popular forest design, with decorators drawn to the juxtaposition of the dark forest and the resplendent sunbeam. For something a little moodier consider Forest Mist.


The power of fractals

Fractals, a mathematical term that describes infinite patterns, are especially powerful when it comes to calming the parasympathetic system. Responsible for regulating bodily functions during ‘resting’ phases, the parasympathetic system also helps to calm the body after it experiences stress. Fractals appear in all kinds of natural scenes, with clouds, leaves, shells, ferns and snowflakes some of the most recognisable examples. We love a good fractal, which is why so many of our wallpaper murals feature recurring patterns.

For example, the recurring patterns seen in peacock feathers makes the birds one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful fractals. Our Peacock Wall Mural not only brings a splash of colour and a sense of regality to your home, but also harnesses the psychological benefits of fractals. The symmetry and fluidity of the leaves featured in our Jungle Wall Mural is another great example and makes the design ideal for reducing stress levels in the home.


Practice mindfulness in your home

Recommended by psychologists around the world, meditation and mindfulness are two of the most powerful ways to combat stress and anxiety. While the practice can be done anywhere, choosing a calm and relaxing space can make meditation and mindfulness a whole lot easier.

The practice often involves closing your eyes, though experts say softening your gaze while looking at relaxing imagery can also help to activate the parasympathetic system and simulate the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Our calming and peaceful wall murals help you do just that, using imagery to stimulate your parasympathetic system and help quieten the areas of the brain that drive stress, anxiety and fear. We have a wide range of murals to suit every decorator, with designs ranging from Thai Buddhas to windswept lighthouse scenes.


Soft and serene tones

While we love bold colours like ruby red and royal blue, they’re not always great for creating a sense of calm. That’s why most of our wall murals feature neutral or muted colours. For example, rather than use hot pinks our Flamingos at Sunset Wall Paper features candy-coloured pinks and peaches, combined with soft watercolour brush strokes.

Our Whale Shark Wall Mural uses a similar style, with soft blues and a stylised design used to create a whimsical underwater scene. If you’re looking for something a little bolder yet still calming, our Vase of Flowers Wall Mural incorporates plenty of colour without being too overbearing. It’s also available as a round wall mural, which softens the entire look and appeals to your subconscious.

Calming spaces for kids

It’s not just adults that are stressed out, with data from the Children’s Commissioner revealing around two thirds of children aged between eight and 13 felt stressed about homework or exams. Calming wall murals can be a great way for worried parents to help kids destress and enjoy a space where they can relax and unwind.

Our pastel-coloured Jungle Animals wall murals are ideal for younger kids, with the Forest Animal Friends design also using soft tones and soothing imagery to create a calming space. Teens and older kids tend to prefer more mature designs, with trees and forests offering a timeless and gender-neutral aesthetic.

Calming wall murals for your home

Ready to bring a sense of calm into your home? Cover Your Wall offers a fantastic selection of calming wall mural wallpaper, so you can add relaxation and serenity without any of the associated hassle or cost. Our products come in a range of styles, with the option of circular murals or full wall designs, so you can always find the right murals for your home.

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