Anaglypta – time to think again about this iconic brand and style

Anaglypta Heritage

Anaglypta is a British Wallpaper Brand and also one of the worlds’ oldest, if not THE oldest wallpaper brand, formed in 1887 when Queen Victoria was on the throne. The brand name Anaglypta is derived from the Greek language, meaning ‘raised cameo’. Anaglypta was the first paintable wallpaper where designs were actually physically pressed into the paper – the end result being a versatile hard wearing surface that can be painted any colour you wish.

Today, the range remains almost exclusively paintable with finishes ranging from simply flat to a wide variety of relief designs, some of which can trace their lineage back over one hundred years.

Anaglypta – back on trend

Anaglypta had become a bit of a sideshow in the fashion stakes – often found painted magnolia and being used in dated designs.

Today the versatility, design heritage and sheer functionality of Anaglypta is being discovered by a whole new generation as a great product to bring colour and design to walls and ceilings – with real tactile designs that offer real alternatives to print and at the same time have the versatility to enable colour changes time and time again.

Anaglypta – superb, alternative wallpaper for your feature wall, a unique fusion of wallpaper designs and the boundless individuality of your personal colour choice…

When thinking of wallpaper and feature walls we are generally encouraged to think about using printed wallpaper, much of it is also very ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ in the style stakes too and you are never 100% sure it is going to look as good you hoped...

So give Anaglypta a chance? There are over 100 beautiful Anaglypta designs to choose from ranging from opulent authentic Heritage designs dating back to the inception of the Anaglypta brand in 1887 to modern, contemporary sleek textures.

Once it is on simply paint it any colour that gives you just the level of impact you want. Whether you want to make a bold statement or something more subtle, Anaglypta offers you the infinite choices you only get by combining wallpaper and paint - and if you want a change then simply add a new colour to your Anaglypta.

Explore the full Anaglypta range

Don’t take our word for it

Anaglypta has been noticed all over again as can be seen from Anaglypta articles, (not advertisements) in various publications including  Elle Decoration, Telegraph Magazine Design Notebook, House beautiful and Sunday Times Interiors.

Anaglypta offers a range of different substrates too..

Some Anaglypta designs called ‘Anaglypta Original’ unsurprisingly, and are still embossed into the paper just like they were back in 1887 – they take a little more care in hanging but offer a superb hardwearing, breathable finish, entirely free of plastics

Soon after that came ‘Supaglypta’ a similar product to the ‘Anaglypta original’ but reinforced with textile fibres for the ultimate combination of beauty and strength for the toughest of environments.

Today many other designs have been replicated in the Anaglypta Luxury Vinyl and Anaglypta Popular ranges for those wanting heritage or contemporary style using modern materials and techniques.

 A final point about Anaglypta

It’s thick and it's three dimensional so it is relatively tolerant of uneven surfaces and gives a beautiful homogenous look to a where a flat print would highlight every crack, pimple and imperfection.

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