Toupret Fibacryl


Polymer and acrylic-based filler paste - perfect filler for use with Wallrock Thermal Liner or KV600. One of the best fillers for moving cracks on internal walls and external facades. Allows joints pointing of 2 materials of different types in interior applications. Fibacryl has been enriched with fibres to work on moving substrates without cracking. It works especially well with Wallrock Thermal Liner or Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner where substrate movement is expected.

  • Remain flexible when dry - can be overcoated after 24 to 48 hours depending on temperature and humidity
  • Up to 10 mm per coat
  • Follows the substrate movements without cracking 
  • Adheres on unpainted or painted surfaces, new or renovation
  • Can be used on plasterboards, old painted substrates, cement, breeze blocks, bricks, concrete and primed wood
  • Ideal filler for use with Wallrock Thermal Liner or KV600 Thermal Liner
  • To get it flush with wall surface use a sponge or decorating knife to wipe off any excess - best applied in two stages

To be overcoated once completely dry by any type of paint, wall coverings or plastic coatings.

Click this link to download Fibacryl datasheet.

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