Latex Sound Insulation Liner
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Keep the noise out with soundproof wallpaper

Want to lessen street noise, shield your room from the noisy neighbours above or just make your space generally quieter? You’d be surprised at how much of a difference soundproof wallpaper can make. The Latex Sound Insulation Liner, for instance, has been tested to reduce up to 30% of noise at 1000Hz (generally the level of talking), 60% of noise at 2000Hz (TV or radio noise) and up to 75% at 3000Hz (the volume of a vacuum cleaner). It’s the perfect way to create a more peaceful environment without having to splash out on expensive renovations.

  • The liner is easy to apply thanks to its paste-the-wall style and can be applied using Wallrock Thermal Lining Adhesive
  • The 5mm thickness also means the liner will cover rough or cracked surfaces, providing a smooth base for decoration
  • Want to paint the room? The flat side of the liner is ready to be painted when it has been applied
  • One roll will cover 5m2 and requires 2 to 3kg of adhesive, however if you are soundproofing a ceiling you will need two layers of adhesive
  • Doesn’t contain PVC
  • Fast, free delivery on orders over £100

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